Discover New Customers

A strong presence in social media channels frequented by your customers increases your Reach. In turn, this helps boost brand awareness and recall. These customers are more likely to leave positive feedback and share their experience.

Build Brand Awareness

With the aim to become a top-of-mind brand for the product or service offered, your business can leave recurring impressions through Social Media. This leads to the customer having a clear consideration when a product or service is specifically needed.

Reach audiences efficiently

Social Media involves audience targeting. This ensures your message reaches the people who are likely to engage with your brand or to avail of your products and services.

Get more online customers Constantly.

Social Media is used to connect with friends, family, and other communities and organizations. Businesses can also utilize social platforms to engage with existing and potential customers. With the right strategy, they can reach them with the right message at the right time, encourage them to try the product or service, and answer any need for customer support.

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Drive results with social media marketing services

Almost 75 percent of people use social media when making a purchase decision. It’s a critical touchpoint for shoppers in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) industry, which is why companies invest in professional social media services.

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What Do We Offer

There are a handful of ways to move your business up the ranks. A select few of our SEO methods are:

  • SEO Planning: We develop a detailed, effective, and personalized SEO plan for you and only you. We do it based on extensive marketing research and your goals.
  • On-Page SEO: With your website as the main hub for your SEO strategy, we optimize a variety of on-page factors within every webpage. It includes updating titles, tags, content, and overall structure for your target keywords.
  • Off-Page SEO: SEO success doesn’t solely rely on your website. We create balance with off-page SEO by updating social media pages and writing blogs. We also submit to online directories, managing reviews, building links, and more.
  • Analytics: Our team stays on top of your SEO strategy. We continuously enhance your efforts. We do it by running analytics and staying up-to-date on algorithm updates.

Why Is SEO Important for Businesses?

In the simplest terms: the more people that can find your business, the more opportunities you have to make a conversion.

Upwards of 80% of search engine users don’t look past the first five listings. Even fewer think to click on the second page. Just think about how you search online! Are you going to trust the business on the third page, or are you going to contact the one that ranks first or second? The higher your company’s pages rank – whether that’s your homepage, a service page, or blog page – the higher the chance someone is going to choose you.

Now, to set your expectations early on. You can’t expect to start working on your West Palm Beach SEO and wake up to #1 rankings. SEO is a long-term method of bettering your online presence. It takes time to move your listings, but it’s worth the wait. That’s how you future-proof your business in a worldwide web of instant gratification.

What is On-Page SEO?

Like we briefly mentioned before, on-page SEO is an umbrella term for all actions taken on your website.

Responsive Website Design

Nowadays, people have access to the internet in more ways than ever before! As mobile search becomes increasingly popular, your website needs to account for it. Having a responsive website means that your design and function changes depending on the device it is viewed.

By improving the overall user experience and creating a cohesive journey through your sitemap, you can improve your SEO.

Page Speed

How long will you wait for a page to load before clicking away? Most people don’t even wait three seconds! Page speed is a crucial element in the user experience. Search engine crawlers assess your page speed and most definitely consider it when ranking your site. So, our team will create content in a web-friendly manner.


Content is king for a reason! It is where you can introduce relevant keywords that you hope you hope to rank at the top. You can start with service and product pages being keyword-rich, then move into blog posts. But that’s only the beginning.

Keywords are only one element when optimizing your written content. Hierarchal structure, high-quality images, and video, internal and external links are vital. Also, take metadata and categories into consideration.

Inbound Links

Link yourself! Inbound links are internal links (meaning your own pages) that are sprinkled throughout content. These direct users to other pages on your website. It’s estimated that a good chunk of web pages that appear on the first page of search results are due to inbound links! So, they not only saturate SEO by increasing interaction with the number of clicks the link receive, but they can improve your bounce rate, keeping more people on your site for longer.

URL Structure

Yup. Organization matters even down to the URL. In fact, URLs including keywords have a better chance of ranking higher in search results with those without!

It all boils down to hierarchy. After the final forward slash in a URL, place the keyword and important supporting words separated by dashes. This makes it super easy for crawlers and searchers to understand what the page is about!

Meta Descriptions & Alt Text

This is the real nitty gritty that’s going to set your site apart from the rest. A meta description is a brief overview about the topic of each page on your website. It’s an HTML element that appears directly below the URL and page titles in the search results, urging searchers to click!

Alt text is a section of text that is placed in the coding of an image directly on a webpage. The image alt text can contain keywords, allowing your images to appear in search results!

Categories & Tags

Both categories and tags classify all specified content on your website. A category puts a group of pages together based on content hierarchy (Are you catching on? Hierarchy is huge for SEO!), while tags identify particular words or context with the content itself. This helps narrow down what users are looking for based on concepts laid out in the text.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Again, just like we said above, off-page SEO is a culmination of efforts made off of your website.


Building links between your site and high-ranking sites gives your site more authority online. A backlink is a link found on external domains and directs the user to your own web pages. This is a long-term tactic. So, our team continuously works to earn you new backlinks, since the more you have, the better you’ll do!

Directory Listings & NAP

If you’re a business looking to expand locally, directory listing and name, address, and phone numbers (NAP) citations can significantly contribute to your company’s SEO. Having accurate information across the internet can ensure you’re found faster!

Social Media Management

Yes, even your social media plays a role in SEO! That’s why our social media team strategically packs captions and hashtags with relevant keywords. On social media, you can score reviews, provide detailed information about your products or service, and so much more that positively contributes to your online presence.


Why Choose Unseen?

We’ll boost your visibility

More than 80 percent of businesses use SEO to boost brand awareness. It’s the difference between survival and extinction these days. We’ll get to know your company first. Then we will create custom strategies to increase your online footprint. Our experts leverage keywords and high-quality content. We will do a competitor analysis and internal linking to your advantage.

We have a results-driven mindset

You might say that we’re obsessed with your return on investment. When it comes to lead generation, conversion rates, and revenue, we never lose sight of your goals. Hiring SEO professionals is an investment that should pay off soon and for years to come. We’re passionate about making that happen.

We offer twice-monthly reporting

Trends come and go at lightning speed in this business. Consumer shopping preferences and spending habits change all the time. Put a month is too long to wait for word on how your SEO is performing. That’s why we study the data and update our clients twice a month.

Our services are fully customized

SEO is not a one size fits all service. If you hope to stand out from the crowd, your digital campaign must be as unique as your business. At Digital Resource, we take the time to learn about your industry. Then we will find your target audience and reach your long-term goals. Our findings inform our decisions going forward.

We adhere to ethical standards

Companies that manipulate search engine rankings might initially drive more traffic to your site, but it’s not the kind of traffic you want. Google catches the cheating website and demotes them. Your online reputation could take a hit. At Digital Resource, integrity is one of our guiding values. We never resort to black-hat tactics.

Examples of Industry Verticals We Provide With SEO in West Palm Beach

Dental and health care

There’s more to marketing a health practice than listing your degrees and posting your hours. It requires putting everything in layman’s terms. Ordinary people are likely to search “heel pain” rather than “plantar fasciitis.” Our SEO will reflect your knowledge, experience, and standing in the community. The content will provide valuable, up-to-date information.

Real estate

Competition among real estate firms of all sizes is fierce. However, given the hyperlocal nature of the business, even small outfits can make a name for themselves with the right SEO. Optimization for mobile devices and cutting-edge visual content is vital. A strong presence on local social media goes a long way.


People don’t choose a bank or financial adviser as randomly as they choose the closest dry cleaner. Websites for financial entities must project authority, trustworthiness, and site security. Not only that, but federal regulations prohibit specific phrasing on websites. Our team members are up to these particular SEO challenges.


When you have just seconds to impress potential customers, your pages must be fast loading. Your site must be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The language must prompt visitors to buy something. The payment fields must appear as secure as Fort Knox. These are all areas in which we have vast experience.


Legal skills are highly specialized, and there’s an art to drawing the right kind of traffic. If you specialize in tax law and are tired of fielding questions about DWI defense, leave your SEO to our experts.


Accounting is another highly competitive sector. Unfortunately, consumers rarely venture past Page 1 of the search engine results. Digital Resource will identify the keywords that are most relevant to your area of expertise. We’ll get you listed on Google My Business. Also, we will highlight your education and any accomplishments that distinguish you.


In travel, it’s not enough to rank well among the traditional blue links. It would help if you also established a solid footing in maps. You must guide searchers through the process of choosing a destination and planning the trip. Also, help them with ticket booking and exploring the possibilities upon arrival. We love to travel. Let us handle this.


Almost everyone who walks into a dealership these days has already done the homework online. That means your content had a better answer to lots of questions. Automotive SEO must cover a variety of makes, models, and fuel efficiency. Also, It must include safety features, financing, auto repair, and a host of other terms. It is a job for Digital Resource.

Ready to Future-Proof Your Business with Search Engine Optimization?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Digital Resource is the Best SEO Company, as awarded the Best of Small Business Awards. So, whether you’re a B2C company just getting started in your local area or a larger B2B company in need of prime clients, contact us today!

Basic Pricing


(Not including ad spend)
$600per month
  • 30 Social Posts Per Month
  • 3 Boosted Posts
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • Comment Monitoring


(Not including ad spend)
$2000per month
  • 60 Social Posts Per Month
  • 5 Boosted Posts
  • 3 Blog Posts
  • Comment Monitoring

Who We Work With

Unseen Creative Studio works with a variety of clients at different stages in their journey. Choose the goals that most closely match your business below to learn more about our specific approach carefully created for every stage of business.

B2B (Business to Business)

Feed your sales team better leads with our quality growth strategists.

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Retail Brands

Feed your sales team better leads with our quality growth strategists.

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Feed your sales team better leads with our quality growth strategists.

User Acquisition

Feed your sales team better leads with our quality growth strategists.


Feed your sales team better leads with our quality growth strategists.

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Online Influencers

Feed your sales team better leads with our quality growth strategists.

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